Students with headteacher

Day 3 – On the water today!

5th June 2018

Go Girls!

Donald went to sleep with the sounds of raindrops and woke to a similar sound, although it has now stopped and the sun is trying to come out! Mrs D has her morning cup of tea, and Donald has checked emails! No complaints yet about bed egg jokes!

Both groups on the water again today. Some in Pico’s (small 2 person boats) and the others in Darts (4 person catamarans that go very quickly if there is good wind). Donald managed to capsize one s few years ago!

Wakey upy call is just happening – Donald watching to see how quickly the Copthorne team are ready this morning, especially as Mrs D could hear the girls talking until well after midnight. Donald couldn’t as he was snoring!

Croissants and pano chocolate for breakfast. After a slightly sluggish start, the Copthorne team swung onto well oiled efficiency with the always chirpy AG leading the way! Breakfast over and children now putting on damp wetsuits/shorts etc. Ready for a day on the water. More rain is forecast so they are likely to get wet whether they fall in or not.

The wind guru suggests only light winds, so not enough to tempt Donald out onto the lake. A spot of speech writing instead, although when I asked Mrs D if I had put enough fire into my speech so far, she told me I had not put enough of my speech in the fire!

CR dressed for the outback!

LG singing songs from “Frozen” from inside her tent – but sound travels well when you are camping! Boys from East London are trying to catch the spiders/ beetles etc that are inside their tent! Our boys playing basketball.

OMG – LG has not got a waterproof top! She’s going to get very wet! Kindly Donald lent her his spare- it’s big, but will keep her dry!

All off sailing and Donald stuck into his speech and Mrs D stuck into her book! Correction – Donald is stuck on his speech!

It is properly raining now, big heavy drops that crash onto the top of the tents – it reminds Donald of camping trips to Wales when he was young as it always seemed to rain in Wales.

Mrs D has put on extra layers including trousers. Donald still toughening it out in shorts – but feeling a tad sorry for the children who have water above and below them! Still, its character building and they will become better people for overcoming this adversity. Actually, most don’t care about the rain as they are having so much fun they probably haven’t even noticed! Mrs D has noticed it is getting even heavier!!!


What’s the going rate for the French tooth fairy? HR has lost one and had another very wobbly one. Donald is not sure the tooth fairy will be able to get onto her tent to deposit  euros and get out without being noticed – or arrested! Said tooth or teeth may have to return to Blighty to be dealt with at home (with interest of course).

The winning model – I hope Mrs Richards is proud!

Camp big cheese has decided that it is not worth sending the children out on yachts of any size so they are all doing a dry arts/DT based project to make a boat/ship with anything they can find on camp! JC last seen rummaging through the rubbish bins!

Donald did not realise until lunchtime that the scurvy sailors had remained landlubbers all morning and had not even set foot on the water as there was no wind (even though Donald had heard plenty from the boys tents the previous evening) and even more hot air from the girls!

They played land games and did some sailing theory instead! It was a wise move from Miss Penn to opt out at the last minute too! I hope the more creative children make Mrs Richards proud!


Rockley big, big cheese has arrived and it has stopped raining! I hope he stays for the rest of the week! Raining again! Mrs D has got the teachers water out! Children has a competitive quiz that included a musical round – hence the group rendition of “Let it go” from Frozen!

The London school operate a small tuck shop, where any profits are ploughed back to benefit the children. They invited our children to spend – and they did – every single one of them- bulk buying so they sold out in minutes with no stock left at all. In fairness, because the site here is being redeveloped, there is nothing open for the children (or adults) to spend any money on!


Chicken curry and apple crumble for supper – very nice!

Initiative exercises tonight for the evening entertainment- I hope all the Copthorne initiative has not been washed away in all the rain! It is still raining now and has been pretty much all day!

The big, big cheese ( the boss of Rockley) says it is going to be nicer tomorrow- so Donald hopes he has a hotline to the almighty- or he is looking at a different weather forecast!