The last supper!

Donald woke early – made Mrs D a cup of a Yorkshire tea, and sat outside in the early morning sunshine. Children all still asleep, the birds are singing, and the warmth of the sun makes a very pleasant change from the usual cold and damp mornings! Very peaceful!

Donald has just checked the weather forecast that predicts it will cloud over before too long! One of the instructors is Scott Crowhurst  – I wonder if we are related or whether Scott is related to the real Donald!

No bacon for breakfast but there was eggs and sugar puffs. One group trail riding (that’s cycling to you and me) and the others raft building. Cyclists will get an ice cream, raft builders will get wet!

The sun is still just about winning the battle with the clouds but Donald is not sure for how much longer!

Mrs D has just watched SJ singing to a spider! It is called Alfred!


Highlight of the morning was three forest fire planes practicing over the forest and the lake! Donald captured them on the camera not his phone so they cannot be sent to the blog, but they literally skimmed the trees and the raft builders saw them land on the lake!

Actually, raft builders in probably not technically correct, as one groups completely disintegrated when they picked it up, and the other groups hit the water and simply floated off on every direction when the children jumped on. 

Hopefully the cyclists had a better morning with – multiple ice creams and no accidents. They are not back yet, so perhaps a puncture is the cause of the delay!

Cyclists all back. No punctures – just a few bramble scratches and the nest ice creams ever in Mimizan. AM’s bike broke but was fixed. He did not have the right gear on or something!

Final call for lunchtime – Donald is actually sad to be going home !

Last roll call before the final activity. One group orienteering the other Canadian canoeing. One group running around following maps, the other paddling around in circles!

It has clouded over but is still very warm. Donald would rather be canoeing than orienteering but is actually doing neither. Harry Hole is about to solve the murders – and in this book, it is not the Headmaster who did it!

Troops are returning now! Packing up is probably the worst part of the week! Everyone showers and puts on whatever clean and dry clothes they have left. In some cases, they opt for the least wet and dirty!

Everything is packed but whether it all goes into the correct bag is another matter. As usual, some children are very independent and pack themselves as though they have done it before. Other seems a bit hazy about the whole concept! Having said that some Copthorne children were better then others, we were 45 minutes better than some of the boys from the other school!


JC relaxing after a hard week!
Wet Rafters
Pruning the easy way!
Pruning the hard way!
Ruff Rafting