Students with headteacher

Last day on the lake!

7th June 2019

Donald’s breakfast buddies

Donald was impressed with the way the group embraced the Rockley Challenge last night. Some caked themselves in camouflage mud to attack the rival PGL camp, over, under and through obstacles, a swim through the lake followed by digging a tunnel in the sand to escape!

It started raining at about 2.00 and stopped about 6.30. Donald was awake throughout!!

The sky is grey and after a very brief spell of sunshine it is now raining again. Yippee!!

Dr Donald thinks MM is getting a stye! Apparently DP had one before we left so perhaps there was some eye to eye contact!

EV and AW late again!!!!!!!!!!!! They forgot their water bottles!

Too windy to go on the lake this morning  so staff are currently coming up with a plan B. Children just been told that they are staying on land and there was a very loud collective cheer from everyone! Great relief all round as Year 8 told they are not raft building this afternoon but orienteering instead! Donald is not sure they know what orienteering is all about, but they don’t care as its dry and much better than getting cold and wet again. Even Donald has finally resorted to long trousers for the first time this week!

Donald is not looking forward to the next hour or so! Packing and cleaning out the tents! The boys especially are not sure what is theirs or not, and there is so much sand and rubbish in the tents! Everything has to be packed – and there are no mums to help!