Sailing in the Rain

5th June 2019

It is still raining! It has been raining all night! “Are they going to make us sail in the rain?” There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm from some children to go sailing! “Are you a toughie or a fluffy?” Fell on very deaf ears.

No takers to go on the water this afternoon. All fluffy’s no toughies!

Children all back from their land based activity and some have rushed off to get chips!

It stopped raining for about an hour but it has just started again! Donald thinks he is getting trench foot!

Donald is cold but resisting the need to put on long trousers, unlike all the children who are wearing leggings and multiple layers on top! Some are eating chips and/or pizza in an attempt to warm themselves up from the inside out! Donald is trying to do the same with coffee!

Inter school conversations have finally begun, with some of the London boys chatting to some of our girls, or perhaps it was the other way round …

Others just sitting under the tent canopy just chatting, boys and girls together which is nice to see. However, they forget that well known scientific principle that sound travels further when you are outside, so Donald can hear much of what they are saying. Their secrets are safe with me!! What goes on in France stays in France!

It’s raining again!

Donald cannot remember a day like this before – not rain pretty much all day! We’ve had wet mornings but brighter afternoons or the other way around, but it has been constant all day bar a little break late afternoon!

Still the forecast for tomorrow is much better, although Friday is looking wet again. Lots of wet kit could be coming home!

AJ is worried as she thinks her dad is under the impression we arrive back at school on Sunday morning not Saturday at 9.15am (the correct day and time)

EV and TV at the bar again – waiting for pizza

French Affair – snails and mussels! Shame there is no frogs legs!
Dhruv – no longer the jolly green giant but now Dominoes!
It’s just started raining again!
Post supper chips!
Waiting for the evening’s events!