We have now left the resort and are heading back to Calais! Only 12/13 hours to go – yippee! BC & AG were the Rockley Superstars as selected by the Rockley Staff!

Noisy children sitting close to Donald have forced him to don his headphones and seek sanctuary in a bit of Bruce – Springsteen and  Hornsby!

Just had a short stop that turned into a very long stop! A queue of 45 children all stocking up on sweets/crisps/drinks, all clutching their crisp 10 Euro notes from their respective school banks. Only one lady serving (an English girl originally from Birmingham) very slowly! We have lost 30 minutes!

Coach driver has suggested it is time for sleep, but children about to be fuelled up with sweets/crisps/drinks so sleep is the last thing on their mind! Donald is not do worried about them sleeping, as long as he can! Bruce on repeat but still can’t quite drown out the noisy girls – LG/LB seem to be the loudest!


Good morning! Good news! The Year 8 party have managed to catch an earlier ferry and are now arriving back at school at 0900 and NOT 1000. Please don’t be late!


Our long stop las night put paid to any ideas of catching an earlier ferry, but we did! We arrived on Calais just in time to zip through French customs. We are leaving France so they don’t check much. UK customs were there usual vigilant selves, with a coach load of Scottish children in front of us and only one customs booth open. Fortunately, they saw the exasperated look on Donald’s face so sent for reinforcements. We got through without mishap and managed to get the earlier ferry by a minute.

Donald led the troops onto the food court where we were at the front of the queue. Sleepy children all stocked up with sugar! The sensible ones went for bacon & eggs breakfast whilst others opted for more fizzy drinks and chocolate!

Everyone went wild in the shop and spent lots unwisely! Having already had 30 euros each since we left camp, some canny shoppers were coming back for more! Goodness only knows what they have purchased but they were told by Donald “not to buy rubbish, and yes it is your money, but you do not have to spend it all”. Sadly, for some it fell on deaf ears!

We had our usual mishaps. One child left the 20 euros that Donald had given him, on the coach – it’s a good job Donald is s kindly soul. One child dropped his tray, complete with bacon/egg/beans and a litre of fizzy orange, just before the checkout. Chaos as everyone else’s feet were sticking to the floor! One child asked if he could return to the coach to collect his English money. The joys of travelling with young teens!

Two very posh coaches parked next to us, carrying the”Arctic Monkeys”. Not currently on Donald’s playlist!

All passports and EHICs returned to children so frisk them when they get home. All told to put them securely in their hand luggage!

ETA now 9.15am. Please remember to leave room when parking the for the coach to turn round! We have just overtaken the Latvian Carp Fishing team!


Last entry in Donald’s log – a huge thank you to Carole for making sense of Donald’s ramblings, correcting the typos (he has fat fingers) and the curse of predictive text, and posting everything on the website!

Children all returned safely to parents – don’t be mistaken – you think they are tanned but it is probably dirt! Detox them over the weekend so they return to school on Monday less hyper from sugar and ready for a day of first aid!

This is your intrepid sailing correspondent Donald signing off until next year when he reincarnates himself as “Franz” ready for the ski trip. Still placed available….. hang on, you are all too old, thank goodness!!

Au revoir!