The sun is beginning to shine through so it could turn out fine! Breakfast over, Donald has porridge, the children opted for sugary cereals and/or yoghurt, bread and jam! Still no bacon sandwich!

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) this morning and kayaking this afternoon so it’s going to be another very wet day! Donald has little to no balance ( ruined ankle ligaments) so no SUP for him! Mr Larter and Miss T-E are very excited about SUP. Donald may try to find something else to sup!

TM cannot find her phone. Donald thinks it will be in her tent and she has only done a “daddies” look. This is why Donald suggests children do not bring them!!!

Street art from our resident “Banksy” – Groovy Dhruvy – using shaving foam! Not sure shaving foam was on the kit list for 13 year olds!

Panic over. TM has found her phone! It was in her bag as Donald predicted!

Kayaking was s great success and everyone back and racing for the showers, some of them are even taking soap and shampoo! The sun has been shining constantly all afternoon so we may get a glorious sunset at the Dune de Pila this evening!

On our way to the Dune now, children all sitting upstairs on the coach – Donald wisely sitting downstairs! EV was today’s casualty – she got hit near her eye with a paddle- small bruise visible but otherwise she is fine!

Spaghetti Bolognese or chicken pasta for supper.

Fire planes training on the lake
Not much standing up going on here!