Students with headteacher

There is a birthday in camp today!

8th June 2017

Happy birthday to L-G C! Mum had given MJ a bag of pressies for her to open – very sweet and a lovely surprise! Mrs C had an emotional chat with L-G on the phone!

BS having a bad hair day!

Nurse Jones’ surgery  closing for business! All pills popped! BS’s hair has been brushed – not sure about his (or anyone else’s) teeth!

NH sweeping sand out of his tent again- I wonder if he will do Donald’s?

American footballs being thrown, frisbees being frissed, general banter being banted and a lovely relaxed atmosphere in camp.

The sun is shining and it is a BEA-utiful day as Bruce Almighty would say!!

What a great view this morning!

The whole camp sang Happy Birthday to L-G!

Children all back from sailing Darts (larger cstermarans sailed in groups of 3 or 4). Enough wind to sail, but not enough to get them up on one hull! That’s what they said last year but Donald proved them wrong! He is going BG out again this afternoon to try again!

It is very hot here (34 degrees according to technology) but feels hotter!

Boys from both schools are playing football on the beach (only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun). The girls are either sunbathing or on the shade! Donald is about to cover himself in sun cream and then encourage everyone else to do the same. Philippe’ kiosk is open and many are covering themselves in ice cream! MJ reading “The Thorn Birds” and dreaming of Ralph!

All safely back from another session playing darts! Donald was on a ship with NH and JCL and we had a blast. Donald pulled the odd “sheet” and his crew did all the navigating/steering and sail hauling! As it was so hot lots of time was spent in the water rather than on the water! Donald tried to get the dart up on one hull but clearly he has lost weight since last year and even the combined weight of his crew couldn’t manage it! The wind was gusting and when it was good the ships moved well, but when It stopped we were becalmed! The group were invited to swim back to shore (about 100m) so Mr Bone will be happy that we managed to fit in some swim training!

Sudden run on the bank as children have showered, changed and realised that it is still 32degrees on land. Ice cream and cool drinks are the order of the day. Even frugal spender JV who went to look at Phillippes wares before coming back to take out money, was tempted to spend!!

Large spider in the boys tents – JCL got it, about 30 times!

Thunderstorms forecast here – could be a wet evening!

Just had the “French Affair” where they serve frogs legs, mussels and snails as a starter! Most children tried something although KE preferred it to the “Coq au vin” that was the main course!

Evening entertainment was fun. Initiative excercises (IE’s)! Even Donald was surprised by the intellect and teamwork skills demonstrated by some, although others were less involved. A game that involved pouring water into a piece of drainpipe, with one end blocked but lots of random holes drilled in it, to try to float a ping pong ball out! Some team members had to collect the water whilst others had to try to block the holes. Another game involved passing an inner tube around each team member without breaking hands.

When the thunder storm started, we all adjourned to the marquee and ended up playing hangman! RH was marking and the letters “ETTLE” were exposed. Someone shouted NETTLE, wrong, so immediately someone else shouted PETAL! Not one of our scholars!! The correct answer was KETTLE.

LOL – I asked SD if she had brushed her teeth and she said “I don’t know!”

All in their own tents now but all still excited/a bit frightened by the storm – lots of spectacular lightening and very loud thunder although it seems to have moved away now! It’s just raining! Donald likes the sound of rain on canvas although it reminds him of childhood camping holidays on the Gower in South Wales! It always seemed to rain in Wales!