Just on the outskirts of Bordeaux!

All awake – 6.00am! Donald’s neighbours are noisy! I always thought BB and JH were quiet boys, but not anymore! It is raining! Just about to stop – Donald needs a coffee – it is a bit early for something stronger!

Donald feels better after coffee! 2 hours to go! Drivers (Helen & Nicky) have done well. Intermittent fault with the on-board DVD is frustratingly as Donald hopes Batman might keep the troops quiet. “Holy Smoke Robin, these are the noisiest Year 8 group we have taken”! Actually, not everyone is noisy. SJ has not said a word yet sitting next to Miss Penn! BB eating Oreo’s for breakfast – lucky boy! Talking of Oreo’s – a shout out to OG who sadly has missed out on the trip. Donald’s headline – oh no Oreo – a bad knee means she cannot go! I hope she got a better nights sleep than Donald!

Donald has just been onto the school website to discover that even though she is not here, OG has correctly identified Donald – but, for another HM Commendation, why is Donald the pen name of your sailing correspondent! There is a personal connection to the story! And Donald is not Duck, Trump, or where’s your trousers!

Hooray – we have Batman

A view of Bordeaux

We have arrived safely at the campsite! A detour through Bordeaux slowed us down by about an hour but we are here safely! More coffee and a bacon sandwich would go down well!

The Journey

Calais Sunset

We are in Calais now, waiting to get off the ferry after a very smooth crossing! 25 children all full of fizzy drinks and sweets/chocolate with 10 hours on a coach to go!

The departure!
OMG – OG – bad knee – no Rockley! 26 became 25 as OG has broken her knee – what a shame for her! The remaining 25 all loaded up swiftly, kissed their parents quickly and got onboard so we departed ahead of schedule! En-route to Clacket Lane Services to drop off the feeder driver and collect our Two drivers who will take us to France.
Your intrepid sailing correspondent reports under the pen name of Donald – and a Headmasters Commendation is available for the first correct answer as to why Donald- it is very topical!
Mrs Donald is not very impressed with the weather forecast for Mimizan!