Students with headteacher

Year 8

6th November 2015

Year 8 Home Economics pupils are working on a Multicultural Food Project. This will be completed by the end of the term. Each week, pupils have made either a traditional main dish or dessert from a variety of different countries. To date they have made Apple Pie and Toad in the Hole from Great Britain, Cheese Soufflé and Chocolate Éclairs from France and Chocolate Tiramisu from Italy. They have also started their first “Design Brief”. Pupils will design, make and evaluate a traditional bread based Italian Pizza.

Pupils who successfully complete all the practical assignments and the written work for this task will pass the 2 Star Chef Award. This award is developed by the British Nutrition Foundation and is supported by the Department of Education. It promotes excellence in learning about food. It encourages young people to develop their cooking skills and apply their knowledge of healthy eating, safety and hygiene.