…. with a fantastic week of water sports

The group have departed to France in a double decker coach. Jake and Mr Hall sorted out the loading of the luggage! Copthorne have the downstairs seats. Franz, Copthorne’s intrepid skiing correspondent has morphed into Donald, the sailing correspondent and will be sending regular bulletins to Carole who will post them on the website. Sadly, Donald is also sitting downstairs! Most children eating and drinking and we are still on the M23.

On the ferry now – children browsing in the duty free shop! Those who may have been having a sugar low are now all stocked up with fizzy drinks, chocolate and frappiccho’s! Donald drinking coffee but something stronger would be good!!!

Almost arrived In Mimizan. Interesting journey. Some children slept well, some didn’t. Donald didn’t! He is now dreaming of coffee and bacon but although the former is likely, the latter will remain a vision!

It has been interesting watching the dynamics of the group – the influencers, the followers, the quiet ones, and most significantly the loud ones!

We have arrived. Tents allocated and now gathered for breakfast. Three schools are here this week and we are the smallest group!

After breakfast briefing!

First casualty of the week – AW fell off her Pico and was run over by the following boat piloted by CR/JM. No evidence to suggest that they did this on purpose but ….. AW is fine – ice pack on nose, no blood, no swelling, the things you do to get a ride home in a powerboat! Now sitting with Donald who was trying to write his speech!

Chicken curry for supper and now we are at the shop all buying ice creams!

Best chat up lines! “Are you a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you?” “Do you like discounts because at my house clothes are 100% off?”

Waiting for the afternoon activity – Dart sailing!

Filling up on sugar again!
In teams for the “egg drop”