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We continue to be delighted with the way this new reading and phonics scheme is working in our department. Children are making good progress and enjoying the lessons, while staff are able to share information about children more easily as we share the teaching of literacy, and children move between groups. However there are a couple of ways in which you could help your children – even more than you already do! – :

Please make sure that your children are pronouncing words properly: if a child says ‘free’ instead of ‘three’, it is extremely likely that he/she will also spell it incorrectly! The problem areas are mainly ‘f’ or ‘v’ instead of ‘th’; ‘nk’ instead of ‘ng’ i.e. ‘nothink’ instead of ‘nothing’ and dropping the middle and end ‘t’ as in li’le instead of ‘little’ and ‘fee’ or ‘noh’ instead of ‘feet’ and ‘not’!

The sheets which come home are for keeping at home and using for practice. They may highlight a new sound to the child or they may be reinforcing a sound already learnt; they may be used for reading, practising spelling or practising handwriting. They do not need to come back to school or be kept in the book bags.

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