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Baarmy Bethlehem

9th December 2022

One of the most anticipated events of the year is the nativity performance. They are the guaranteed tear jerkers for so many of us. Our nursery and reception children were brilliant in their production! Even our youngest members of the nursery appeared on stage – not bad for our two year olds! Our talented teachers…

Lights Camel Action 2

9th December 2022

The brilliantly produced years 1 & 2 nativity was causing chaos in the audience! Those judges were not playing ball. We loved the performances by the Nazareth folk, Roman soldiers, wise men, camels, sheep, shepherds, angels and the stars! What fabulous costumes and brilliantly delivered lines. Well done to years 1 & 2!

A wintery week for sport

8th December 2022

The temperatures might have plummeted, but the enthusiasm and drive in games and matches has been very much on the up as rugby heads towards its very own ‘mid-season break’. The year 4s fresh off the back of “the best rugby session this year” (the exact words of Mr Lewis), travelled to Hawthorns to test…

Frankenstein drama

30th November 2022

Act II of Philip Pullman’s ‘Frankenstein’ is where the character Agathe (who is blind) encounters the monster. Due to her blindness she cannot see his hideous appearance and therefore cannot judge him on this, unlike all the other villagers. Agathe can therefore get to know the monster and experience his kindness, before her brother enters…

Top mathematicians rank high

28th September 2022

Four of our top year 6 mathematicians travelled to Windlesham House on Tuesday for their annual maths challenge. Working in pairs, they competed over three rounds of questions: find the values, counting down and the big event. After the first round, both Copthorne Prep teams were well placed in the top five, from a field…

Year 1’s great day out

21st September 2022

Year 1 had a great time meeting ‘Leonardo Di Capri-owl’ and ‘Snoop Hoggy Hog’ at the British Wildlife Centre. Arriving back at school, the children declared that they had had the best day!

Riddle me this

21st September 2022

A few of the pre-prep children entered a nationwide riddle competition before the end of term and with over 2,500 entries received, all our entries have been chosen to be published in “Little Riddlers”. Quoting: “having all your pupils’ work chosen is something to be proud of, it doesn’t happen every day!” Congratulations to Alexander…

Chess delight

29th June 2022

We were delighted to send two teams to compete in the finals of two Sussex chess championships – the Butler Cup and the Primary Cup. It was very intense with our pupils playing three matches against four other schools. Many of the matches were very close and the concentration and tension in the air were…

A special afternoon

20th May 2022

20th May 2022 Sometimes in your working life, you will always remember an afternoon … Wednesday 18 May 2022 was such an afternoon. On a lovely afternoon, we took the girls to play a very experienced and talented side with many of their players in representative pathways. A heavy defeat was a strong possibility with…

BLESMA visit with years 7 & 8

11th May 2022

We were very privileged to have a visit from BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Servicemen Association) this morning.  The children were inspired by their two speakers, Spike and Archie, who told us how they became amputees. Their stories were fascinating and showed us how resilience and determination shone through, despite the many difficulties they faced. They are…