IMG_4255 IMG_4268This week in Reception has been very exciting – our 10 living eggs arrived on Tuesday morning, along with an incubator and a brooder! We looked at the eggs and discussed how gentle and caring we had to be with all living creatures. To practise this we sat in a circle and passed around a bunch of keys, a bell and a tambourine all without making a noise!

Day 2 was amazing: 3 eggs began to hatch. We could see the eggs rocking and we could hear them chirping. Children and teachers were very excited to welcome into the world our first chick – ‘Princess Charlotte’! By the end of the week, all the chicks have hatched … they are fascinating to watch as they dry out, start to stand and then climb all over each other. Most of them are now in the brooder- eating crumb, drinking water and keeping warm under a light bulb.

By the end of next week, the chicks will be ready to move onto their new home …. with Mr Swadling! He is just as excited as the children and has been checking on their progress regularly.