Whether you are 5 or 50 life can be complicated! Here at Copthorne Prep School we help pupils navigate the ever changing world around them. Helping them make sense of this is pivotal to all that we do.

‘A Happy Child is a Learning Child’

We are passionate about pupils developing a ‘growth mind set’ and encouraging all our pupils to ‘think’, ‘understand’ and ‘explore’ both with their academic studies and with their emotions.

This philosophy is integrated into every lesson as well as dedicated ‘ispace’ lessons in years 1 to 6 and through thought provoking PSHE sessions. Alongside this we have a life coach who works with our year 7’s helping them to explore ‘who they are’ and how everyone has their unique style and should be celebrated. For those needing a little more guidance we have a school counselor who is in each Monday providing extra support.

‘Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.’

Technology has certainly had its impact on the pupils we now teach and it is important we teach them how to be safe on line with ‘esafety’ being taught from an early age. However it is important to reflect on the impact too much technology has on the pupils and it is important we cultivate a culture of talking ‘face to face’. – this goes for parents too!

‘ There is no app that replaces your lap.’

Charlie Lee
Director of Wellbeing