Pirates in Year 2

This week Year 2 has been learning about pirates; Nathan wrote on his wanted poster;  Wanted for piracy on the high seas Watch out for a dangerous slim pirate hiding in shadows. His name is Captain Goldmouth. He loves gold and he has a parrot on his shoulder. When his teeth fall out he keeps them because they are gold. He has a cutlace, a gold tricorn, a red leather coat and gold boots.   Gabriel also wrote a wonderful poem about pirates;

Pirates just love their parrots
In every single way. They get of their
Rig and let them fly away. When pirate are
Angry they make their crew walk the plank.
Their favourite game in find the treasure
Evil pirates hate their parrots especially

Cocky pirates, cocky pirates don’t stop nagging
Horrible pirates hate their crew. Even in the rain
Enormous pirates are so annoying even when their nice
Soggy pirates are so wet. Their also really dumb
The worst pirate of all is Captain Bighead ruler of the seven seas

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