Students with headteacher

Harvesting the Pumpkins

13th October 2017

A big, warm welcome to Oscar who is joining our Pre-Prep family and is now in Mrs Potgieter’s class. Oscar was in our Nursery a few years ago, and so already knows several of the Year 2 children. 

The children responded with great compassion as they heard from Ian Wilkins about the work that Crawley Open House are doing. Aiden and Isobel said that they felt sad about homeless people. Darcy said she felt happy that the homeless could be given a home and nutritious food. Aaradhana said that she felt bad for them (homeless people) because they sleep outside and haven’t got comfy beds. 

We have worked on our stories based on ‘Handa’s surprise.’ We are pleased that the children are including adjectives in their writing. The sketches and painting of fruit are looking rather spectacular. 

Mrs Potgieter’s class (which includes most of last year’s Gardening Club!) enjoyed harvesting the pumpkins, carrots and parsnips which have been growing in the courtyard. They then made delicious vegetable soup … well done to all the green fingered children and budding chefs!