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Year 2

24th May 2021

Wow it has been a busy and exciting week for Year 2! On Wednesday we had the Didgeridoo Man come into school to share his expertise on Australia. The children…

Year 2 & 3 transition day

24th May 2021

Year 2 had a blast this week with the Year 3’s for their second transition day. They were tasked to paint a picture based on a description from The Green…

Year 2

10th May 2021

This week Year 2 have continued learning about Australia. The children wrote fact files about the country and created fabulous dot paintings. We also looked at another Dreamtime story, Tiddalick,…

Year 2

26th April 2021

Year 2 have been making micro habitats in Forest School. They also made spiral Rainbow snakes after reading the traditional Aboriginal creation story of how the world began. On Tuesday,…

Year 2

22nd March 2021

Year 2’s have acted out scenes from the events of the Great Fire of London. We have learnt how to use speech marks in dialogue. Can you spot the powerful…

Year 2

15th March 2021

Year 2 have continued learning about shapes. They built 3D shapes and used Carroll and Venn diagrams to investigate their properties. They have also been busy making Mother’s Day gifts…

Year 2

21st December 2020

Year 2 have been busy Elves this week. In Maths, they have been focusing on money – adding amounts, finding the difference and giving change. The children were very excited…

Year 2

1st December 2020

Year 2 have been busy making their masks for their Masked Ball and using computers to create invitations for next week’s big event! They have also been sharing their personal celebrations with their classmates….

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