Geography is seen at Copthorne as one of the key academic subjects and is taught as a stand alone subject throughout the Prep school. Although no longer a compulsory subject at Common Entrance it remains part of the core curriculum. In the Pre-Prep, the subject is taught across the year groups often as part of topic based learning, while in years 3 and 4 it is taught as part of the humanities.

The main aims of the teaching of Geography at Copthorne are:

  • To provide an integrated framework which allows continuous development of the subject throughout the school.
  • To develop in the pupil a strong interest in their immediate surroundings, spreading to the world at large.
  • To encourage an enquiring mind into how and why events happen in both the physical and human aspects of the subject
  • To develop a wide range of practical and language skills relating to the subject.
  • To foster an understanding of the fragility of the world and its ecosystems and man’s effect upon them.
  • To engender a sense of responsibility for the environment in which we live promoting a sense of stewardship and the necessity for sustainable development.

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