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Wrap around care

We offer a variety of options for parents who need some extra supervision for their children outside of normal school hours.

Early morning

Pupils may arrive from 7.30am where they will be supervised initially in the Rendall Room and after 8.00am in their form rooms. We have a lively breakfast club available for pupils who do not have time to eat before leaving home. They will join our boarders for a home cooked breakfast each morning from 7.30am. Places for breakfast club can be booked either on a weekly or on an ad hoc basis.

After school activities/nursery and pre-prep

Once school finishes at 3.30pm, our after-school care starts (we call this our waiting house) and children can be collected anytime up to 6.00pm.

Alongside the curriculum, we give the children a huge variety of experiences and opportunities which are available after school (and sometimes during lunch). There is something for everyone! Activities usually last an hour and will vary depending on the time of year. Children are escorted to and from their activities. If they are not participating in an activity, the children will be spending their time in our splendid playground as long as the weather is not horrendous.

Children who are not collected after their activity, can stay in our waiting house. Nursery children are given a picnic tea while pre-prep children are taken to the dining room for a hot tea.

After school activities/prep

Normal home time is at 4.40pm (3.45pm on a Wednesday) but for those who cannot be collected at this time we offer a range of after school activities to suit all tastes. Many of the activities are run by members of the teaching staff although a few require specialist coaches and last about 40 minutes. Some of the older pupils make use of this time to complete their prep which avoids the need to work at home later in the day.


Tea is available for all pupils at 5.20pm. Pupils expecting to leave at this time are supervised by the resident staff and gap students until they can be collected.

After tea supervision

After tea, all pupils join to be supervised by the resident staff and gap students until they are collected. The final pick-up time for day pupils is 6.00pm.

Holiday care

The school runs its own holiday club; Mini Hi5 for Nursery age children and reception as well as Hi5 for year 1 pupils upwards and is only available to pupils who attend our school and is managed and run by our own staff. Open from 8.00am until 5.00pm, it offers a range of fun activities to suit all ages including yoga, adventure playground, baking, art & crafts, bouncy castle fun, ball games, team games and parachute games. The children have a ball with themed days full of activities. Hi5, Mini Hi5 and holiday camp dates can be found here.

Ultimate Activity Camps and Tiny Tekkers also run holiday camps at Copthorne Prep.

Minibus service

We provide a morning and afternoon minibus service for children. This service is used by many busy parents who need help with transport or want to cut their carbon footprint! Most routes are door to door if a parent is at home to receive the child/children. We aim to keep journey times to a minimum and so numbers may be restricted where we deem the journey to be too long.