Physical Education

Physical Education at Copthorne aims to develop control, co-ordination and mastery of the body. It is primarily concerned with a way of learning through action, sensation and observation. It is possible to gain knowledge of physical activities in a theoretical way but skills can be acquired only by personal experience of movement. Such experience, which requires thought as well as effort, leads to improved performance, personal achievement, understanding and increased knowledge. Satisfaction and enjoyment arise from working with a sense of purpose and practising hard enough and long enough to overcome the challenges presented by the practical work.

  • develop a range of psycho-motor skills
  • maintain and increase physical mobility and flexibility
  • develop stamina and strength
  • develop understanding and appreciation of the purposes, forms and conventions of a selection of physical activities
  • develop the capacity to express ideas in dance forms
  • develop the appreciation of the concepts of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship
  • develop the ability to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of movement
  • develop the capacity to maintain interest and to persevere to achieve success
  • foster self-esteem through the acquisition of physical competence and poise
  • develop self-confidence through understanding the capabilities and limitations of oneself and others
  • develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy life

The aims of the PE Department are to:

  • To promote physical education as a vital part of a pupil’s total education
  • To recognise that every pupil is special and has individual needs
  • To promote physical activity which is fun, while at the same time emphasising fairness and enhancing other socially acceptable behaviour
  • To take each pupil beyond any limited perceived physical expectations they may have by fostering the ethos that all pupils enjoy their personal achievements, as well as those of others and in so doing raise the self-esteem of all pupils.

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