Home Economics

At Copthorne, all pupils in Years 6-8 partake in regular Home Economics lessons, which include aspects of the safe storage, preparation, and handling of food. They develop an interest in an important life skill that will equip them for the future. We all eat and we all benefit from a better understanding of food and food preparation!

All pupils develop recipes for a range of sweet and savoury dishes, helping help them to understand the principals of simple nutrition and healthy eating. Learning about nutrition and how to prepare healthy meals can prevent medical problems later in life, such as diabetes, heart attacks and obesity.

Over the three years, pupils learn to handle food and equipment with increasing knowledge and understanding. They develop a social and moral awareness of many issues including where their food comes from, food sustainability and religious and cultural issues that affect different diets.

Open Mornings are a wonderful opportunity to see the school and meet our dedicated and inspiring teachers. You will have a tour with children providing some invaluable insights!

Our next main Open Morning is on Saturday, 1st February 2020 10.00am to 12noon and our working Open Morning is on Monday, 3rd February 2020 10.00am to 12noon. It is advisable to pre-register, which you can do by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you!