At Copthorne, we look to develop our pupils’ enquiring minds and in English, we read a range of novels, learn how to write for a range of different genres and even incorporate the media in our teaching of the subject. Our aim is to accelerate the confidence of our pupils, encouraging them to become thoughtful readers and writers.

Throughout the school, we want to inspire creativity, alongside the learning of a range of skills. With basic literacy at the heart of our curriculum, we run a whole school spelling programme, designed to help all our pupils, including those with dyslexia, to develop strategies for learning to spell that they will be able to apply throughout their school career and beyond.

Copthorne pupils read a range of texts, from Roald Dahl, to Shakespeare, from the War Poets to modern novels. Within our curriculum, we inspire our children by incorporating cross-curricular links with Art, History and even Science, as our year 7 pupils have discovered through our study of an adaptation of ‘Frankenstein’, and as technology becomes ever-prolific in everyday life, we have embraced technology within the teaching of English to inject interactivity and creativity into the children’s learning experience.

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