‘Why teach maths?’ a question often asked by pupils. How is this relevant to everyday life? I think it is put rather eloquently by Travers et al. (1977): “Mathematics is useful, mathematics is beautiful and mathematics disciplines the mind.”

Maths is indeed beautiful and is at the heart of much that we do in life. The study of maths is not simply the learning of numbers and their application, it is so much more. In studying maths, pupils are able to think more creatively and question their own understanding of many things.

When pupils gain the confidence in maths it can take them wherever they wish to go, as maths still is one of the ‘feared’ subjects where pupils often feel defeated before they have even begun. It is that ‘fear’ that we seek to abolish at Copthorne Prep, or at least lessen, in doing so, pupils will feel a great sense of achievement and an ability to move forward in a positive way, with this knowledge there will be willingness to learn more … who knows where this might take them?

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