Science is part of our everyday lives from turning on a kettle to watching a rainbow. Here at Copthorne we aim to harness children’s wonder at the natural world and their enthusiasm to find out how something works to teach a varied and fascinating subject.

Science at Copthorne is fun, informative and taught through a series of practical and theory sessions. We focus on allowing children to experiment and follow their own ideas, creating their own investigations. We cover the national curriculum scheme from year’s three to five and then move on to Common Entrance in Year 6. Science is taught as a core subject.

Children have around five lessons of science a week which is taught in two purpose built laboratories from year three upwards. Classes are small and this allows all children to maximise their potential and find their strengths to use as a starting block to build from, working co-operatively in practical sessions.

Science is a popular subject with the children and we encourage them to share what they have learned at home, developing their curiosity whilst exploring their health and environment. We also run a STEM club after school for budding engineers and scientists using their IT and maths skills along the way to make anything from water wheels to crystal gardens.

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