Our aim in teaching history at Copthorne Prep School is to make it as fun as possible and to instil a love of learning, enquiry and passion for the subject.  We explore history through all the senses with discussion and debate at the forefront of learning how to form arguments and opinions on different people, events and periods in history.  Practical history and bringing history to life is the foundation of teaching and learning with pupils beginning year 5 by re-enacting the Wars of the Roses!  We hope they will leave Copthorne with a love of history and the skills to question the past and consider the future.

The main aims of the teaching of History at Copthorne are:

  • To develop an enthusiasm for and interest in History
  • To develop awareness of the past and of the way in which the past impinges on the present and the future
  • To prepare pupils for the Common Entrance Exam at 13+ in accordance with the aims and objectives of the school
  • To prepare pupils for Public School Scholarship Exams at 13+ in accordance with the aims and objectives of the school
  • To follow the National Curriculum as near as possible while keeping the above aims to the fore
  • To develop an awareness and understanding of historical terminology and chronology
  • To teach pupils how to express themselves clearly in both speech and writing and to develop their reading skills. They should be taught to use grammatically correct sentences and to spell and punctuate accurately in order to communicate effectively
  • To give the pupils the opportunity, where appropriate, to develop and apply their ICT skills in the study of history

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