Boarding House Staff



Martyn and Laura Ansboro (and son Teddy) are the Houseparents. They live in the boarding house in a self-contained flat. Mr Ansboro is a PE/Games teacher at the school and is in overall charge of the boarding house.

Other Residential Staff

Mark teaches ICT/Maths/Swimming and has been part of the Copthorne boarding community for 20 years. Helen (PE/Games) has been living and working at Copthorne for 12 years. Rob is a Year 3 teacher who joined the staff in September 2017.

Boarding Assistants

Every year we have Gap Students who come to live and work in the school. Some are Post Graduates (21/22 year olds) and some are younger 18 year olds who chose to do a Gap Year pre-university. These students are important in helping to provide the family feel of the boarding house and can often bridge the age gap between the staff and the children. These gappies work throughout the school giving them a broad spectrum of experiences and they assist duty staff in the evenings, helping with activities, mealtimes, snack and bedtime routines.

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