Chinese New Year

Year 1 – Mrs Bird’s class has also been learning about how the Chinese celebrate their New Year. We read and wrote about the Willow Pattern story; had fun practising our Chinese writing and we even tried to eat noodles with chopsticks! This year is the Year of the Snake but most of the children were born in the Year of the Dog or the Pig which makes them honest and loyal.

‘The Chinese Dragon – the dragon came and danced in front of all the Chinese people. The Chinese loved it. Now they all had the Chinese lunch. They all love it!’ Durgaa 

‘The Willow Pattern – Once there was a girl called Kim. She wanted to marry Chang. But her father wanted her to marry a rich man. So they ran away. Then Kim’s father killed them. Then God turned them into doves.’ Yssouf 

The children also finished some wonderful rainbow pictures, having been talking about colours for the last couple of weeks. Miss Sterry’s class are pictured here with their rainbows.

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