Ice cream in Science!

February 17, 2020

Year 4 had great fun making ice cream to finish off their three states of matter Science topic (solids, liquids and gases). They managed to turn a liquid into a solid successfully and it was the best Science lesson ever according to the pupils!

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Outdoor Maths

Year 4 Outdoor Maths included a 2d shape hunt. They had to take a photo of each shape on their hunt sheet!

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Year 1 went ‘fishing’ for metal ‘fish!’ using magnets in the woods on the end of a fishing rod created by the children.

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Bollysteps Performance

Mahi (3CC) took part in her very first Bollywood dance performance with Bollysteps at the Hawth Theatre in the Mayors Ball 2020 which raises money for charity. Mahi really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to do it again. Well done Mahi!

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Igloo Making!

Zara made an igloo cake to share with the Year 2’s to complement our geography work about polar regions.

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Visit from Tanzanian Pupils

We had four Tanzanian pupils here yesterday as part of an exchange programme with Imberhorne School where they visit the UK for 10 days. They all spent a day in a primary school on Thursday, and 4 lucky chaps came here to experience a private school education system!

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