Students with headteacher

Month: March 2020

Year 5 Science

20th March 2020

The Year 5’s had an interesting lesson testing their force metres and trying to work out the weight of different objects using their graphs.

Frozen Yoga

20th March 2020

The Year 3 girls were enjoying doing some ‘Frozen’ themed yoga last Friday. They sang to Frozen music and their poses mirrored the storyline.

Year 1

20th March 2020

Following on from our theme of plants and growing things, we have listened to and written the story of the Enormous Turnip. We are now starting to check our work…

Year 2

20th March 2020

The Year 2’s have made us very proud this week, working so hard and producing such good work! Our home-learning afternoon reflected the great interest they have had in the…

Year 8 PE

20th March 2020

During PE this week the Year 8’s objective was to develop their Aerobic Fitness and core/upper body strength. To achieve this they undertook 30 minute outdoor, interval sessions that comprised…

Happy Mother’s Day!

20th March 2020

Love from all of us from Copthorne Prep.

Year 4 Maths

20th March 2020

Year 4 had great fun this week with money in Maths. They revised adding and subtracting and learnt how to multiply & divide.

World War 1

20th March 2020

Year 7 have been looking at the work of World War I poet, Wilfred Owen. After designing their own propaganda posters, we read Owen’s work, ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ and…

We are expanding to GCSE!

Parents have told us they need a quality senior school alternative, so from September 2021, pupils already at Copthorne or joining in Year 7 will be able to stay with us to Year 11. Our first GCSE exams will take place in 2026. 

Join us at our next Virtual Open Morning or read about our expansion to find out more.