Year 8 Shoe & WIRED Design Projects

June 30, 2020

Year 8 have been designing and making their own shoes using a material of their choice. Year 8’s WIRED design projects: design a new school uniform and the next BIG iPhone replacement!

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Circle Theorems

Year 7 have been looking at Circle Theorems this week – which is Year 11 work! And they have produced some great posters… well done Year 7!

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Rainforest Day

This week Year 4 celebrated Rainforest Day. Throughout the day there were lots of themed activities including making their own rainforest masks, and designing their own rainforest creatures that could live in all four layers of the rainforest!

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The Butterfly Lion

Year 3 have been creating butterfly animals in English this week after reading The Butterfly Lion. This week he was finally reunited with his long lost friend and he returned to live in England! A lion was carved out onto the hillside which attracted the Adonis blue butterflies, keeping his memory alive forever!

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New addition to the playground!

June 29, 2020

During the lockdown, Jack F made a bench out of recycled material as part of his Ecoproject which he submitted to Blue Peter. He used the oak which originated from Copthorne as it was from one of the trees his father removed for the Astroturf… he then filled empty plastic bottles with clean non recyclable […]

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Year 2 Poems

2OS have been reflecting on how they feel about coming back to school this week and writing acrostic poems: Pleased to come back Lots of fun Everyone at school All together Super excited Extra happy Don’t come back COVID 19 Rian Nothing will be the same. Everybody will be there. Really nervous. Very excited. Only […]

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Year 1 Science

Last week both Year 1 classes started thinking about the rain as so much rain was forecast! The children made rain gauges from their carefully collected lemonade bottles. They were very excited to check their gauges each day and were not disappointed by the amount of rain they collected! Nothing this week however!

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We have been enjoying the hot weather this week, making lots of bubbles with our wands. Mrs Barham’s class have enjoyed learning the rules and playing ’football rounders’ this week! The children took ‘a line for a walk’, colouring the areas with different designs, colours and patterns. Harry also discovered the pips in his apples […]

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