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Year 8 Home Economics

9th December 2015

The year 8 Home Economics group have been busy making mini Christmas cakes to take home to their families. Their finished results were very professional and they should all be…

Year 8

6th November 2015

Year 8 Home Economics pupils are working on a Multicultural Food Project. This will be completed by the end of the term. Each week, pupils have made either a traditional…

Year 7 

6th November 2015

Year 7 pupils have been developing their understanding of Healthy Eating and they have become more aware of the Healthy Eating Guide-lines. Emphasis this half term has been on the…

Year 6 

6th November 2015

Year 6 classes have made a successful start to studying Home Economics. Pupils have learnt how to use a variety of different pieces of equipment safely and correctly and they…

Home Economics Recipes

6th November 2015

All recipes used in Home Economics lessons and After School Cookery Club can now be found on the VLE.  They are filed under ; “Year 6 Recipe Book”, “Year 7…