The Journey home from Rockley

June 8, 2019

We are on the ferry as planned so will be back at school at 0915! Happy birthday Ali!! Donald is amazed at just how much sugar EV can consume and still function! The drive through the night was good, watching non stop Marvel movies until lights out. Wake up call at 0530 as we approached […]

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Last day on the lake!

June 7, 2019

Donald was impressed with the way the group embraced the Rockley Challenge last night. Some caked themselves in camouflage mud to attack the rival PGL camp, over, under and through obstacles, a swim through the lake followed by digging a tunnel in the sand to escape! It started raining at about 2.00 and stopped about […]

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A Blue Sky!

Thursday morning! It is not raining. Donald can see blue sky, although he still has three layers on whilst drinking his morning cup of tea! He was woken early by a French grass cutter using his very loud petrol strimmer at 0630! Still that’s a lie in from a normal UK morning. Donald’s view, boys […]

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Sailing in the Rain

June 5, 2019

It is still raining! It has been raining all night! “Are they going to make us sail in the rain?” There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm from some children to go sailing! “Are you a toughie or a fluffy?” Fell on very deaf ears. No takers to go on the water this afternoon. All […]

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A day to cycle!

June 4, 2019

Another sunny/cloudy day in France. No porridge this morning so Donald had sugar puffs for the first time in years! Children all fed and juiced; some may even have brushed their teeth before “bike ability x2” and a leisurely cycle through the forest trails in search of an ice cream van. Donald back to “speech […]

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The sun in shining in Rockley

The sun is beginning to shine through so it could turn out fine! Breakfast over, Donald has porridge, the children opted for sugary cereals and/or yoghurt, bread and jam! Still no bacon sandwich! Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) this morning and kayaking this afternoon so it’s going to be another very wet day! Donald has […]

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