Category: Skiing

Our last day on the slopes

6th April 2019

Day 6 – why does time fly when you are having fun! Last day on the slopes. Early start – wake up at 6.30am for breakfast at 6.45 and departure at…

A glorious 5th Day!

5th April 2019

Franz has that Friday feeling! The sun is shining, the mountains look majestic, and everyone will be back skiing today! Coffee percolating, bacon sizzling (that bit’s of a lie – the…

A Snowy Day 4

4th April 2019

Good Morning from the Aosta Valley! Miss J on hair duty again! Day 4 – even more snow and wind! The mountains are shrouded in mist which means it will be snowing…

Snowing on Day 3!

3rd April 2019

Good morning! Miss J’s hair salon in full swing! Whose next for a pony tail, plait, fishtail? All aboard with kit! Year 7 girls last onboard. Franz hates tardiness!!! Raining in…

Our second day on the slopes

2nd April 2019

Children and staff all slept like babies. All woken, all fed, most brushed teeth, all checked and double checked for helmets, gloves, goggles, lunch vouchers, pocket money, sun cream. The…

First day on the Slopes!

1st April 2019

It’s Monday and the first day on the slopes. Happy birthday Franz! A good nights sleep for everyone. Woke up at 7.00am, breakfast at 7.15am with a departure time of 8.15am….

We have arrived!

31st March 2019

Arrived in Aosta! About to go and get the skis fit now! It a beautiful day In Aosta – 16 degrees! Moscow last Sunday, Aosta today – what a jet setter Franz…

And so it begins!

31st March 2019

And so it begins … Franz (the intrepid skiing correspondent from Copthorne) has dusted off his Lycra ski racing pants, fashionable in the 80’s, and is now en route to…