Category: Year 3

Year 3’s trip to the British Museum

15th November 2021

The Year 3s went to the British Museum to explore the Ancient Egyptians! Within the first 15 minutes they were complimented for how smart they were, how wonderfully behaved they…

11th October 2021

In Science, Year 3 have conducted an experiment into bone growth. Most found their predictions to be correct, but with a few surprising results!

Year 3

21st September 2021

Year 3 spent their first lesson of Drama using their faces and bodies to create freeze frames of different characters and animals. In Science, the children have been learning about…

Year 2 & 3 transition day

24th May 2021

Year 2 had a blast this week with the Year 3’s for their second transition day. They were tasked to paint a picture based on a description from The Green…

Year 3

10th May 2021

Oh what fun it is to be in Year 3! It’s been a busy term already for our pupils… In Maths they have been learning about fractions, in English they…

Year 3

26th April 2021

Year 3 have been learning all about fractions this week and went out onto the asphalt to show off their fraction skills. They had to complete a series of questions…

Year 3

22nd March 2021

This week the Year 3’s have been putting their measuring skills to the test! They have been practicing their 2D shapes and using trundle wheels to work out the perimeter…

Year 3

15th March 2021

During lockdown, Year 3 designed and made musical instruments from junk materials. Caleb had great fun making his guitar. Well done, Caleb! In Maths the children made their own shops….