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Category: Year 5

Year 5

24th May 2021

Year 5 have been studying Raging Rivers in Geography and this week enacted a river from its source through the upper, middle and lower courses right to the mouth. Great…

Year 5

26th April 2021

The boys in 5HH are pleased to be back in school playing cards again! Y5S1 English had a lovely time reading outside this week…

Year 5

22nd March 2021

Year 5 were investigating air resistance as part of their forces topic. They made helicopters and then cut off parts of the wing to see how this affected the speed…

Year 8

15th March 2021

In Science, Year 8 were practising their gas tests this week. They revised testing for oxygen using a glowing splint, carbon dioxide using limewater, hydrogen using the squeaky pop test,…

Year 5

15th March 2021

In History, Year 5 have been showing Mrs Litchfield everything they have remembered from their lessons during the lockdown. They have learnt a lot! Well done all! Year 5 have…

Our gratitude tree

15th March 2021

The Prep school have been writing what they are grateful for and placing them on the tree

Year 5

21st December 2020

This week the Year 5 students created their own – highly emotional – skits in response to one of Hans Zimmer’s brilliant cinematic pieces in Drama. In History, Year 5…

Year 5

30th November 2020

Year 5 have been putting their architectural skills into practice in DT by making houses out of sticks and paper. They had to carefully draw their designs first, then bring…

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