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Year 8

11th October 2021

In Maths, Year 8 have been working hard with their own maps to test their Bearings knowledge. In Home Economics, the pupils discovered their inner Italilan and made pizzas from…

Year 8

22nd March 2021

Year 8 have written beautiful poems in English this week and performed them in front of their class in the theatre. Their task was to write a poem that expressed…

Our gratitude tree

15th March 2021

The Prep school have been writing what they are grateful for and placing them on the tree

Year 8

21st December 2020

Year 8 have been investigating how to make electromagnets in Science. They looked at ways to increase the power and pick up the maximum number of paper clips! Here are…

Year 8

1st December 2020

This week in Science, Year 8 looked at a pig’s lungs and heart to learn about the respiratory system. They were surprised at how squashy and light the lungs are and…

Year 8

16th November 2020

Year 8 are preparing to paint a canvas in Art. They had to create a mood board to get some inspiration and plan their designs. They will use the measured…

Year 8

19th October 2020

Year 8 had free rein to build anything they wanted out of wood this term in DT. They had to research how to build their items, draw out a detailed…

Year 8

5th October 2020

This week Year 8 have been testing metals in Science this week to see which one was the most reactive. They tested magnesium, zinc, iron and copper with different salts….