Visitors from Tanzanian

February 15, 2019

We welcomed students from Tanzania this week! Year 7 and Year 4 were able to learn a lot about their country!        Our visitors had fun teaching some of the Year 7’s a dance. Thank you for visiting us and sharing your country and culture with us..

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House Matches

In positively spring like weather this week, the Year 3 to 6 boys were all involved in Rugby House Matches. The competition was fierce whether the version of the game was Tag or Contact, but played in excellent spirit throughout and good sportsmanship demonstrated both in victory and defeat. There was some fine handling on […]

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Reading Challenge

Excitement was off the scale in the Hunt household this week when Fleur (Year 1) really had to read five books so she could get onto 80, and her next Reading  Challenge sticker! She is loving the challenge, and when her father pointed out that one book was quite a short book, Fleur said ‘Daddy, […]

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High Aspirations!

Year 7 & 8 exams, chess, swimming, Tom’s Talking Reptiles, police visit, Year 6 trip to the Europa Centre; five prospective parent tours following up from Open Morning and a ski trip information meeting on Valentine’s Day! Formal mid-year exams for our oldest pupils this week will show how they are progressing (and how effective […]

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Chinese New Year in London

February 14, 2019

Over the weekend, some of our borders went to London to see the Chinese New Year celebrations in China Town! There was also an opportunity to explore more of London – we were even able to walk down the middle of Pall Mall as no traffic was allowed which was amazing! “Hi guys, I am Bryan Pang […]

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This week in Art

February 8, 2019

It’s been another busy week in the Art Room. Year 3 have been looking at Henri Matisse’s cut outs. Year 6 have been busy painting their own Hockney landscapes. Year 8 Textiles group had a fab time tie dying their t-shirts!

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Lifecoach News

I am not sure of the source for this, but read it and thought it appropriate …what with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I heard someone on Radio 4 say this week “having kids is easy….loving them forever is the hardest part!” Parenting is a challenging job. It isn’t neat and tidy and child […]

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Open Morning

Thank you to everyone who came to our busy Open Morning and an especially huge thank you to the parents and children who helped as Guides and Ambassadors. Your support is very much appreciated! Also well done to all the children who performed their impressive LAMDA or music pieces. You were all a credit to […]

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