Year 8 Home Economics

December 11, 2019

Year 8 were getting into the Christmas spirit by making fruit cakes in Home Economics. There are only 26 days till Christmas, not that we’re counting!

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Year 8 Autumn Term News

This week Year 8 have been learning about electro-magnetics and using their iPads to do independent research. Independent learning is about pupils being active rather than passive and helps develop creativity and intellectual curiosity, as well as building confidence!

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DT Fun!

Year 8 creating some amazing games in DT! They have also learned how the colours are added to fireworks and how rockets get into the sky. They made their own mini sparklers and learned about the dangers of fireworks. Needless to say everyone had a lot of fun!

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Year 8 Enrichment Programme

June 17, 2019

Following their final examinations which took place before half term, Year 8 have begun their Enrichment Programme. It is designed specifically to enrich their learning, free from the constraints of the examination syllabi; a period where there is time to explore and expand their knowledge beyond normal expectations. This is achieved through a series of […]

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Boarding News

This week the boarders had a fantastic opportunity to undertake an activity they haven’t done before. We welcomed Craig Burgess (Head of Sport at Cumnor House), to deliver some forest archery skills. The boarders were all excited to get the opportunity to fire jelly bows, horseback bows and longbows. We were all taught the basics […]

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The Journey home from Rockley

June 8, 2019

We are on the ferry as planned so will be back at school at 0915! Happy birthday Ali!! Donald is amazed at just how much sugar EV can consume and still function! The drive through the night was good, watching non stop Marvel movies until lights out. Wake up call at 0530 as we approached […]

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Last day on the lake!

June 7, 2019

Donald was impressed with the way the group embraced the Rockley Challenge last night. Some caked themselves in camouflage mud to attack the rival PGL camp, over, under and through obstacles, a swim through the lake followed by digging a tunnel in the sand to escape! It started raining at about 2.00 and stopped about […]

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A Blue Sky!

June 6, 2019

Thursday morning! It is not raining. Donald can see blue sky, although he still has three layers on whilst drinking his morning cup of tea! He was woken early by a French grass cutter using his very loud petrol strimmer at 0630! Still that’s a lie in from a normal UK morning. Donald’s view, boys […]

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