Year 8 Shoe & WIRED Design Projects

June 30, 2020

Year 8 have been designing and making their own shoes using a material of their choice. Year 8’s WIRED design projects: design a new school uniform and the next BIG iPhone replacement!

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Year 8 Enrichment

June 16, 2020

Year 8 have been transforming everyday objects into creative shadow drawings as part of their Enrichment this week. We have had some very creative drawings come in, here are a few!

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Year 8 English

June 12, 2020

A huge well done to Ava and Eva for their written work in English this week! Their task was to capture and communicate the emotion behind a tragedy… Eva’s topic was Extinction and Ava’s was the NHS! Well done girls! Click the images to view.

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Year 8 PE

March 20, 2020

During PE this week the Year 8’s objective was to develop their Aerobic Fitness and core/upper body strength. To achieve this they undertook 30 minute outdoor, interval sessions that comprised of running in their Aerobic Training Zone and using an 8 station circuit of exercises. Pupils worked really hard in pairs to push each other […]

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Street Art!

February 28, 2020

Year 8 were working through their sketchbook this week. Today they were researching about street art, and learning more about Slinkachu, who is a British street artist. He is best known for his Little People Project series, which consists of remodelling and repainting miniature figurines which are then installed and photographed in public places.

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Trip to Hurst!

February 7, 2020

Selected students from Y7 and Y8 went to Hurst this week to watch an excellent performance of Les Miserables by the senior production team at Hurst. One of our own past pupils, Natalie Harrison, performed excellently in a lead role of Fantine! We were also able to inspect the stage set after the show. All in all, […]

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A busy week in the Prep Music Department.  On Tuesday, the Senior Choir went to the O2 and sang in a choir of 8000 children alongside Tony Hadley (Spandeau Ballet).  An experience they won’t forget for a long time.  Last night, the Senior children performed in their concert.  It was an amazing concert showcasing some […]

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Rendall are the Winners!

December 18, 2019

Mr Jones had lunch with all the Prep School children who had been awarded the highest star totals in each house in Years 3&4 / 5&6 / 7&8. Rendall enjoyed a special House Lunch for collecting the most citizenship stars this term. Well done to one and all!

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