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Category: Year 8

Year 8

19th October 2020

Year 8 had free rein to build anything they wanted out of wood this term in DT. They had to research how to build their items, draw out a detailed…

Year 8

5th October 2020

This week Year 8 have been testing metals in Science this week to see which one was the most reactive. They tested magnesium, zinc, iron and copper with different salts….

Year 8 English

23rd September 2020

In English lessons, Year 8 have been filming scenes of the relationship between George and Lennie (‘Of Mice and Men‘) in the woods this week!

Year 8 Science

18th September 2020

The Year 8’s had an exciting Science lesson experimenting on plants for their current topic: photosynthesis. Their task was to check if the plants contained starch, a substance produced during…

Year 8 Geography

18th September 2020

What a relief! Year 8 are relieved to be back at school and were brushing up their OS Map skills looking at Relief this week!

Year 7 & 8 Drama

18th September 2020

Drama Y7+8 Drama activity got off to an exciting start, playing Pop-Up Storybook. Several budding thespians arrived ready to make a scene!

Year 8 Shoe & WIRED Design Projects

30th June 2020

Year 8 have been designing and making their own shoes using a material of their choice. Year 8’s WIRED design projects: design a new school uniform and the next BIG iPhone…

Year 8 Enrichment

16th June 2020

Year 8 have been transforming everyday objects into creative shadow drawings as part of their Enrichment this week. We have had some very creative drawings come in, here are a…