Students with headteacher


4th February 2020

Pippins & Acorns

Pippins & Acorns We have been learning all about penguins this week which helpfully ties in with penguin awareness day on Monday! We used potatoes, cotton wool and tissue to make penguins; learnt that penguins don’t fly but are excellent swimmers and we also learnt about freezing water into ice! We also went on a hunt for numbered penguins in the forest and were delighted to discover some delicious penguin chocolate bars too! Yum yum!


Oaks classes have been having lots of fun learning how the Police help to keep us safe. We have police stations and jails in the classrooms, and the children have been merrily arresting and handcuffing each other all week! Writing skills are being practised filling out ‘incident’ forms and making police badges. The children found having their finger prints taken very amusing (these won’t be held on file!) Some super Police hats were also individually designed and some small finger puppets were made at Francis Court. In Forest School, the children became detectives and used the magnifying glasses to hunt for ‘coloured worms’…. ( small pieces of wool).