Our Aims

The boarding department at Copthorne aims to provide a home away from home for your son or daughter. We create a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all boarders; a place in which they can relax and enjoy being with friends in a safe and secure environment. Parents leave their children in our care, confident that they will be looked after well, and that the resident staff will protect their interests and welfare.  Boarding is run on the principle that it should be as much like a child’s home as possible, where good sense, good humour and mutual support abound.  The children will be able to do their homework under supervision, and they will be able to make use of the school facilities for evening activities.  It is imperative that the children can feel secure in their surroundings, that they can work quietly, that they can relax and play together, so that their friendships may be enhanced by the opportunities available to them.

Weekly and Flexi Boarding

Weekly boarding operates from Monday to Thursday night and caters for parents who live slightly further away, work long hours or simply lead very busy lives.  Children are well looked after during the week but parents have them home at the weekends for quality family time.   We also offer Flexi Boarding, enabling children to book in as and when the need arises. Flexi Boarding is a popular choice after late returns from sports fixtures or play rehearsals as well as a very convenient solution for parents who occasionally have to work away.  Senior children also often find it beneficial to board in their final year at Copthorne, especially if they intend to board at their chosen Public School.


I really like the Camp Fire Nights and the Pool Parties. It makes boarding really fun!

— Isabella, aged 9 years

Booking In 

Booking a bed in boarding couldn’t be simpler.  Once you have chosen the dates you wish your son or daughter to stay, send an email to with details and we will book a bed for your child – just like a hotel.  The same procedure can be used at the last minute, however booking ahead is to be advised to ensure a bed is available.  Please direct any queries about boarding to Martyn Ansboro (Head of Boarding) at the same email address. For first-timers a tour around the Boarding House is available to help children to get to know the boarding environment. The fees for boarding are very comparable to the costs of many baby-sitters, and are added on to the end of term bill.

Boarding Routines

Having reserved a place, boarders need to bring their bags up to the dormitories when they arrive at school.  Any valuables or medication should be handed in to a member of residential staff or matron for safekeeping.  The boarders’ day begins after tea, when boarders return to the boarding house and, after a quick change, settle down to prep or some free time – depending on their year group.  Activities are the focus of the evening and the children enjoy a choice of different entertainments each night of the week.  Regular ‘special boarding events’ are held where the boarders head away from school to enjoy things like Ten pin bowling, or sometimes special events are put on in school, like pyjama and pool parties, pizza making etc.  These events prove very popular and often swell the number of boarders to capacity. Of course, even the most action packed day, must come to an end, and we expect all our boarders to have a good shower before they change and get ready for bed. Bed times are staggered according to age, and staff do their best to get boarders settled and quiet as soon as possible, though this can be tough when we are booked to capacity!

Resident staff supervise all facets of boarding life, with House Parents Martyn and Laura Ansboro overseeing the boarding house, assisted by 3 other duty staff and gap students too. We hope to provide a secure, caring and fun environment for all our boarders and hope that you will make the most of our services to broaden your child’s educational horizons!