Students with headteacher


28th February 2020

Reception had great fun making and flipping pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. The children were fascinated that we had a gas hot plate in the classroom and wanted how the oil made the pan non-stick. They chose lemon and sugar and chocolate buttons as fillings and rolled their own pancakes … yummy! We started our introduction to our new topic: Farms. In Art we made brightly coloured Dingle Dangle scarecrows, stuck patches on their clothes and mounted them on lollipop sticks. Keep an eye out for them in the corridor soon! In Maths we used Numicon to work out how we could make ladybirds add up to the number 8 using two numbers and we even wrote our own sums using the PLUS and EQUALS signs. Our introduction to capital letters has also begun and Peter Rabbit helped us match our upper- and lower-case letters. We are all very excited about our trip next Tuesday to Bocketts Farm. Please ensure that you have returned the consent forms. We are also hoping you will be able to help us collect items that we need to make our own farms. Anything that is recyclable such as cereal packets, coffee cups and lids, shoes boxes etc would be brilliant. Thank you!