Year 1 & 2 Sports Day

19th June 2016

copthorne-prep-PrePrep-sports-day-268 copthorne-prep-PrePrep-sports-day-156Firstly a huge thank you to everyone for all their help … Vee & Nick S-G, Sarah Francis, Heather Sellen, Sandra Nathaniel and Mark Gallagher for cooking such a great barbeque; to our lovely Year 8’s for running, carrying, encouraging, sticking and cheering; to Minnie Jones and Louise McBryde for their accurate scoring; to Beth who doesn’t get nearly enough thanks and is always supporting us all, to Karen Taplin & Matron for cooking and serving our tea; Ray & Neil for marking out the track … and last but not least to Jenny Parker for the great organisation! The children all seemed to enjoy themselves, although there is always heartbreak somewhere … but they showed their determination, resilience and competitive spirits all afternoon; so lovely to see! Everyone was a winner with the following taking home the prizes: