Year 4 Maths

March 20, 2020

Year 4 had great fun this week with money in Maths. They revised adding and subtracting and learnt how to multiply & divide.

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Mass Measure in Maths

March 13, 2020

This week Year 4 were learning about mass- the measure of how heavy an object is. They are estimating the mass of objects around the classroom and then weighing them using scales.

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Anglo Saxons

Year 4 have also been creating their initials in an Illuminated Letter. They have learnt that when monks converted Anglo Saxons to Christianity, they would hand- write manuscripts, often using illuminated letters as a way of communicating a story or message to those who could not read.

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Birthday Celebrations!

February 28, 2020

Lamar celebrated her birthday this week with a great panda cake made by her mum. All of Year 4 enjoyed it and thought it was very tasty!

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Year 4 had an exciting lesson in DT where they built robots out of Lego and programmed them to fight one another! The pupils were coupled up, working as a team to build the ultimate fighting machine. All of the robots were then put to the test, with Aiden and Ethan’s robot winning the first […]

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Ice cream in Science!

February 17, 2020

Year 4 had great fun making ice cream to finish off their three states of matter Science topic (solids, liquids and gases). They managed to turn a liquid into a solid successfully and it was the best Science lesson ever according to the pupils!

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Outdoor Maths

Year 4 Outdoor Maths included a 2d shape hunt. They had to take a photo of each shape on their hunt sheet!

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Charlotte the spider

February 7, 2020

This week in English the Year 4s discovered Charlotte (a spider) had been very hard at work and had performed her own miracle at Copthorne, a giant spider’s web, with the words ‘some pig’ woven into it! In groups the pupils had to interview the visitors to the web and even had a photographer to […]

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