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Year 4

21st December 2020

Well done to Theo for receiving Maths student of the month in Year 4! Things got spooky in Year 4 English this week. The children wrote poems to describe the…

Year 4 Charlotte’s Web

30th November 2020

In English this week, Year 4 finished reading Charlotte’s Web. They were sad to learn that Charlotte the spider passed away, so they wrote letters to thank her for saving…

Year 4 Forest School & History

16th November 2020

This week in Forest School with Mr Lloyd Year 4 created their own poppy masterpieces, using natural materials like just like Andy Goldsworthy! In History, the children learnt that the…

Year 4

19th October 2020

In History, Year 4 took part in a fact hunt all about Hadrian’s Wall and were amazed by some of the facts! Hadrian’s wall was built as a form of…

Year 4

5th October 2020

In English the children have continued reading Charlotte’s Web… this week they met the character Charlotte, a very friendly spider! Their task was to write kenning poems, using compressed metaphors….

Year 4 Charlottes Web

23rd September 2020

In English Year 4 have been creating their own farm masterpieces using oil pastels, from a description from Charlotte’s Web.

Year 4 Roman Army

23rd September 2020

Year 4 have been learning about life in the Roman army. This week they have been making their shields and getting into role! They know you had to be fierce…

Year 4 Science

18th September 2020

Year 4 have been learning about the different parts of the digestive system. Emily did a great job of modelling the digestive system for everyone!