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Category: Year 4

Year 4

24th May 2021

This week in Science, Year 4 have been learning all about separating materials! We had to work out how to separate different materials using the different equipment provided. In English,…

Year 4

10th May 2021

Year 4 (TC) enjoyed making objects from woodland materials and clay, and used string to square lash sticks together. Everyone enjoyed lunch in the woods and the lesson ended with…

Year 4

26th April 2021

This week in Science, Year 4 started their new topic on the ‘States of Matter’. In various outdoor experiments, they learnt about the behaviour of particles in solids, liquids and…

Year 4

22nd March 2021

This week in Science, the pupils learnt about environmental changes and completed a report about an endangered animal. In RS they learnt about the parable of ‘The Wise Man and…

Year 4

15th March 2021

In History, the children went on a fact hunt to find out about the Anglo-Saxon conversion to Christianity! After reading the parable of the lost son in R.S. this week,…

Our gratitude tree

15th March 2021

The Prep school have been writing what they are grateful for and placing them on the tree

Year 4

21st December 2020

Well done to Theo for receiving Maths student of the month in Year 4! Things got spooky in Year 4 English this week. The children wrote poems to describe the…

Year 4 Charlotte’s Web

30th November 2020

In English this week, Year 4 finished reading Charlotte’s Web. They were sad to learn that Charlotte the spider passed away, so they wrote letters to thank her for saving…

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