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Category: Year 7

Year 7

21st December 2020

7IP were having fun in the classroom decorating for Christmas… Marcos seemed to have other ideas! Year 7 & 8 have been busy in DT and have made some wonderful…

Year 7

30th November 2020

Year 7 had an exciting Science lesson this week! They made a salt by reacting acid and metal. They found this produced hydrogen and learned how to do the squeaky…

Year 7 Science

16th November 2020

Year 7 used red cabbage as a pH indicator in Science this week. They cut the cabbage into small pieces, added a bit of water and crushed it until the…

Year 7

19th October 2020

Year 7 have been testing food in Science to see if it contains sugar or starch. They were surprised that onions contain sugar! In Art they have been taking forced…

Year 7

5th October 2020

Year 7 continued their topic on food in French this week. To help practise their French, they played a game of battleships where the numbers and letters were replaced with…

Year 7 & 8 Drama

18th September 2020

Drama Y7+8 Drama activity got off to an exciting start, playing Pop-Up Storybook. Several budding thespians arrived ready to make a scene!

Circle Theorems

30th June 2020

Year 7 have been looking at Circle Theorems this week – which is Year 11 work! And they have produced some great posters… well done Year 7!

World War 1

20th March 2020

Year 7 have been looking at the work of World War I poet, Wilfred Owen. After designing their own propaganda posters, we read Owen’s work, ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ and…